Hady Salloum

Dr. Salloum has published over 100 papers in the areas of Broadband Access Technologies and Systems Requirements. He was an active member of many national and international standards committees that were responsible or defining SONET/SDH and ATM. He developed system architectures and requirements for fiber to the home that are used by service providers worldwide (e.g., FIOS, Lightspeed, U-Verse, etc.).

He is currently a Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and serves as the Director of Port Security Initiatives for the National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce (CSR), the nationally recognized center of excellence that provides provides expertise in national Marine Transportation System (MTS) policy, ocean engineering, maritime security, marine sciences, satellite and radar remote sensing, marine transportation and logistics, systems engineering, oceanography, computer science, naval architecture, physics, sociology, psychology, US and international law, and economics. Dr. Salloum is also serving as the Director of Technology Applications for the Maritime Security Laboratory (MSL), where he is responsible for working with existing and prospective research users to define specific maritime security applications. MSL serves the needs of the US Navy and others by leveraging several existing research centers, which are already engaged in Naval Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection work, as well as infrastructure security research.

He is an active senior member of the IEEE and is currently serving as technical editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine . He also served as Operations editor, Feature Editor, and Guest Editor for the Magazine and Chaired the North Jersey PES Chapter. He is also a member of Tau Beta Pi.