Prof. Henry Du directs the Fiber Optics and Nanophotonics Laboratory. His research covers several frontier areas ranging from nanotechnology-enabled conventional optical fiber and photonic crystal fiber for multi-parameter sensing to plasmonic noble metal nanoparticles for field-enhanced applications. Examples of current activities include immobilization of nanoparticles using dip-pen nanolithography and molecular self-assembly to impart surface-enhanced Raman scattering functionality for fiber-optic sensing, laser inscription of long-period fiber gratings in photonic crystal fiber for immuno-sensing and resonance laser absorption spectroscopy, and guided assembly of plasmonic resonant gold nanoparticle constructs for enhanced generation of reactive species during photodynamic therapy of cancer. Prof. Du’s research has both basic and applied focus. Its interdisciplinary approach offers students training opportunities cutting cross materials science, optics, surface chemistry, and biomedical engineering often in partnership with faculty colleagues in related disciplines.

In addition to his involvement with conference planning, curriculum development and professional societies such as the American Ceramic Society, the Materials Research Society, and the International Society for Optical Engineering, Prof. Du has been awarded three U.S. patents. He has also been the recipient of the Dean’s Research Award, School of Engineering, Stevens (2004), the Jess Davis Memorial Award for Faculty Research Excellence, Stevens (2001), and the National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award (1991).