Professor Leopold focuses his research on gene therapy - viral mimics, host - virus interactions, and gene expression in human disease. He is an integral researcher in the field of Tissue Engineering, implementing the use of nanotechnology to revolutionize approaches for skin grafting, bone, nerve and cardiac cell regeneration.

Dr. Leopold Prof recently received funding to study "Rigid cationic carotenoid lipids as novel miRNA delivery vectors." In this role he will serve as Co-Principal on this project funded by the Qatar National Research Fund. The proposal will provide Prof. Leopold with $243,000 to support evaluation of new gene delivery vectors.

He has been awarded a patent for his invention “Crystal RG, Sato N, Leopold PL. Method of modulating hair growth. United States Patent #6,159,950”. He is a member of the New York Society of Experimental Microscopists, the Harvey Society, and the American Society for Gene Therapy, Education Committee Chair. Honors and awards have included the Georgetown University Biology Medal, Weill Medical College Excellence in Teaching Award, and Weill Medical College Charles L. Bardes Teaching Prize.