Dr. Chandramouli’'s research focuses on the advancement in several specialties, including; Cognitive radio networks, wireless security, Internet media security and forensics (steganography, text forensics, etc.) computational biology and applied probability theory.

He recently received NSF funding for his work entitled, “Human Behavior Inspired Cognitive Radio Network Design.” In this project he studies communication protocols involving cognitive radio networks that resemble human behavior and psychological interactions.

Some of the main theoretical ideas will be implemented in SpiderRadio, a Cognitive Radio network prototype developed in his research laboratory at Stevens, and will have a broader impact on wireless networking research and spectrum policy making communities.

Dr. Chandramouli is the Founding Chair of the IEEE COMSOC Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks, Member of the IEEE COMSOC Standards Board and serves on several journal Editoral Boards and international conference organization committees. He has given plenary and keynote talks in several major international conferences. He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER award.

Dr. Chandramouli is also the President/Director, Co-Founder of InStream Media, LLC, a Stevens company formed in December 2006. This stegonography based technology was initially developed at Stevens for homeland security applications. The evolution to interactive digital video (e.g, opt-in advertising) came as a result of brainstorming among the inventors. The company was founded to commercialize and market a new unobtrusive advertising approach for digital video and images.