Dr. Manoochehri’'s research includes Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing, Knowledge-Based Engineering Systems, Integrated Product Development; Concurrent Engineering, CAD/CAM, Modeling and Simulation, Design Optimization; Composite Materials and Processes and Integrated Design of Electronic Enclosures.

He has been an integral part of the research development at Stevens through the years, and played a particularly vital role in the Design and Manufacturing Institute, an interdisciplinary center that integrates product design, materials processing, and manufacturing expertise with modern software and embedded systems technologies for defense and commercial applications. Research at DMI includes knowledge-based Design and Design Process Automation, Engineered Materials and Processes, Computational Methods for Product Life & Failure Prediction, Emdedded Sensing and Control, Micro-Devices for Hazardous Environments and Systems Integration.

He has served as Co-Inventor, USRE036602 “Concurrent Engineering Design Tool and Method ”, and Co-Inventor, US5822206, Continuation Patent, “Concurrent Engineering Design Tool and Method”. Dr. Manoochehri also has a wealth of industry research knowledge, and been the recipient of several honors including ASME, The Design Engineering Division Award, 2008, Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) Best Presentation Award, 1998, ASME Mechanisms Conference Best Paper Award, The Mechanical Software Award, September 1988, and the Pi Tau Sigma, Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin, 1985.