Dr. Vikki Hazelwood's emphasis is in Translational Research, with a focus on the development of efficacious medical devices and physiologic methods that improve public health. Her successes include the clinical use of several developments for minimally invasive evaluation, earlier stage detection of disease, and assistive technologies for the handicapped.

At Stevens, Dr. Hazelwood founded the Lab for Translational Research in Medicine, providing a nexus for collaboration between biomedical engineers and practitioners to address unmet clinical needs with innovative engineering solutions. Research at the lab has spawned several patents and patent applications and contributes greatly to the overall Stevens atmosphere of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Hazelwood has held executive positions in sales and business development for several medical device companies focused on drug delivery technology and surgical techniques for orthopedics and interventional cardiology. She has worked closely with surgeons and area hospitals in a clinical setting, and has collaborated on numerous projects with medical device companies.