Dr. Guo's research involves nonlinear systems and control, cooperative mobile robotics. She has research experience with various projects in nano-scale friction control, multiple robot motion planning and cooperative control, power system stabilization and decentralized control, and stability modeling and congestion control of computer networks. She's also interested in multidisciplinary areas including control theory, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and operational research. Her research goal is to develop the mathematical foundations and computational tools for understanding and designing large complex systems, and to apply dynamic systems and control theory to multi-scale systems.

She is also the founder of the Robotics and Automation Laboratory which engages in research of autonomous mobile robots and control systems. They develop fundamental understanding in autonomous mobility and robot cooperation, and provide computational algorithms for increasing cooperative mobility of mobile robotic systems. Control system synthesis spans from multi-agent systems, nano-scale systems, electric power systems, and communication systems.

Dr. Guo is a senior member of IEEE, and Meeting Finance Chair of Conference Activities Board of IEEE Society of Robotics and Automation.