Dr. Barry Bunin is a Research Professor in the CEOE Department specializing in Maritime Security research and curriculum development. As the Chief Architect of the Maritime Security Laboratory, Dr. Barry Bunin is responsible for planning and implementing real time experimental capabilities necessary to enhance Stevens Research in the areas of U.S. Navy Force Protection and Harbor Security.

The Maritime Security Lab (MSL) provides research opportunities for verification of new theoretical results, technologies and algorithms in support of Maritime Security. The proximity of the Hudson River allows Dr. Bunin the unique ability to verify results in the real scenarios, complete with all the environmental complexities.

Stevens has instrumentation deployed throughout the estuary to collect weather and environmental data, and through modeling, to predict their characteristics. This data, in conjunction with real time estuarine experiments observed in the Visualization and Analysis Center (VAC) in the Babbio Center provide a powerful research capability. These real time capabilities include administering and controlling experiments, ensuring data quality, enabling reconfiguration of experiments, providing an environment for research and development and act as a platform to demonstrate functionality to key stakeholders and potential customers.