Professor Christodoulatos is an internationally known researcher who brings a wealth of experience in the areas of research advancement, and development of intellectual property. He is the co-founder of two of Stevens’ successful companies, HydroGlobe and PlasmaSol, and has worked with various faculty across departments and schools to promote Technogenesis.

His research projects range from Recovery of nutrients from inedible plant material (Life Support Systems for Space Travel, NASA), Greywater treatment in Gravity Independent Bioreactors, Investigation of Fate, Transport, Biodegradation and Potential Toxicity of hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane (CL-20) in Environmental Systems, Investigation of RDX and PAX-21 Propellant Treatment Methods, Monitoring of PCBs and other Semivolatile Organic Compound Air Emissions in Sites Receiving Stabilized Harbor Sediment, Toxics Monitoring in the New York/New Jersey Harbor, Investigation of a Novel Capillary Non-Thermal, Ambient Pressure Plasma for Cleaning of Aluminum Surfaces and the Use of Capillary Non-Thermal, Ambient Pressure Plasma in Decontamination of Water Recovered from Vehicle Exhaust.

His work in the development of Hydroglobe was based on research conducted at the Center for Environmental Systems. The award-winning patent, titled “Methods of Preparing a Surface-Activated Titanium Oxide Product and of Using Same in Water Treatment Process,” is known as Metsorb™, a highly effective, low-cost absorbent for reduction of arsenic and a wide variety of heavy metals from ground and surface water. The invention details a method for producing a surface-activated crystalline titanium oxide product having a high adsorptive capacity and high rate of adsorption with respect to dissolved contaminants. The invention further includes steps of preparing a titanium oxide precipitate from a mixture comprising a hydrolysable titanium compound.

He is responsible for several additional patents and inventions, including "Method and apparatus for biological treatment of wastewater" with G. P. Korfiatis, (2000), and "Method and apparatus for removing inorganic chemicals" with M. Dadachov. X. Meng and G. Korfiatis (2002). Dr. Christodoulatos has also contributed to significant journal articles and conference proceedings, and been the recipient of several honors and awards, including the Founders Award, by the USA National Committee International Association on Water Quality for an outstanding paper in Water Research by a US author.