Professor Comaniciu’'s research focuses on performance optimization of wireless networks with a special emphasis on energy efficient resource management. Her work focuses on several new paradigms for wireless networks, such as cross-layer design, cognitive radios, and game theoretic approaches for cooperative spectrum sharing.

Dr. Comaniciu has co-authored numerous conference and journal papers, as well as invited book chapters on these research topics. Her research work has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and European Union grants.

She has co-authored one of the first books to appear on cross-layer design for wireless networks. Her work on cross-layer design modeling for ad-hoc networks has been awarded the 2007 IEEE Marconi Best Paper Prize Award in Wireless Communications. She also has co-authored a landmark paper on cooperative spectrum sharing for cognitive radio networks, which is heavily cited by the research community.

More recently her research interest is focused on green radio, a new paradigm design for cellular networks. Dr. Comaniciu is among the pioneer researchers worldwide to investigate this topic, and has recently presented an invited paper on the first US conference track on green radio. Cristina Comaniciu is a member of IEEE and is an associate editor for the IEEE Communication Letters Journal.