Dr. Donskoy'’s research interests include physical, structural, and underwater acoustics, acoustic diagnostics and nondestructive testing of biomedical and mechanical systems, noise control, technological and ecological applications of sound and vibrations, signal processing and development of advanced sensing technologies including sonars and radars. He is an author of more than 100 technical publications in the field. He is also holding 12 US and international patents.

During his 30+ year research tenure, Dr. Donskoy has accumulated a great deal of experience in developing innovative techniques for remote sensing, detection, diagnostics, and characterization of various objects ranging from submarines and landmines to microscopic structural flaws and micro-organisms. Since Dr. Donskoy's arrival to the United States in 1990, he was a principal investigator for numerous multi-disciplinary projects supported by US government agencies including the Army Research Office, U.S.Army SECOM, Office of Naval Research, Naval Research Laboratory, NavAir, NOAA, NASA and various industrial enterprises, just the name of few: Boeing, Shell, Ford, GRI, EPRI, and Electicite de France.

Dr. Donskoy has received a number of honors and distinctions, including prestigious USSR National Prize in 1987 for the work in nonlinear acoustics, Acoustical Society of America Fellow, 2006, and ONR distinguished fellowship, 2009.