Dr. Julie Pullen uses high-resolution coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling in order to understand and forecast the dynamics of coastal urban regions throughout the world. Her research experience encompasses study of the Mediterranean, U.S. east and west coasts and Pacific island regions, with a particular emphasis on predicting chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) dispersion in coastal cities.

She pioneered the two-way coupling of a high-resolution mesoscale atmosphere and ocean model for realistic applications in the coastal zone and published several award-winning research articles detailing the superior forecasts of both realms that resulted from coupling the models. This work formed the foundation and motivation for the transition of a state-of-the-art, high-resolution, globally relocatable coupled ocean, atmosphere, and wave model into operational use for diverse applications such as mission planning by the Navy SEALs.

As the chair of the Coastal Environment Committee of the American Meteorological Society, she was lead organizer of the 7th Conference on Coastal Atmospheric and Oceanic Prediction and Processes that met jointly with the 7th Symposium on the Urban Environment at her initiative. She is co-chair of the upcoming 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting.