Advancing infrared detection for the Air Force

Team led by Dr. E. H. Yang promises sophisticated apparatus for the Air Force and space exploration.

High-speed, durable naval vessel surfaces

Low-friction, anti-corrosive research at Stevens promises durability and improved hydrodynamics for naval vessels.

Creating extremely water-repellent surfaces

Dr. Chang-Hwan Choi and Dr. Wei Xu Revise Scientific Understanding of Superhydrophobicity

Ultra-cold quantum control

Using ultra-cold atomic and molecular systems to enable ultra-fast quantum computation without decoherence

Catalysis research prize

Research will enhance molecular understanding of chemical reactions


Dr. Du and Dr. Sukhishvili's collaboration wins grant from the National Science Foundation

Versatile self-powering devices

Emerging nanofiber technology establishes tiny, self-powering sensors and actuators with compelling commercial applications

Lab on a chip

Digital microfluidics creates a lab-on-a-chip, enabling portable at-home medical tests

Fiber-optic sensing

Professor Du's interdisciplinary fiber-optic sensing research advances applications in environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis and energy production