Dr. Michael Bruno, Dean of the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, was a guest editor of the May/June 2011 issue of the Marine Technology Society Journal recently lauded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Hailed as covering topics of "paramount importance" to DHS, the issue focused on maritime domain awareness and port resilience research and development.

The letter of appreciation, from Tara O'Toole, M.D., M.P.H., Undersecretary for Science and Technology, noted:

"I appreciate that MTS has showcased the research underway at the DHS Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) Center of Excellence (COE) for Maritime and Port Security. This COE's work complements S&T's other research and development efforts in support of the DHS components whose mission it is to secure our coasts and ports, particularly the United States Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection. Achieving awareness and transparency in the maritime domain has been a goal for the Nation for some time. The MTS Journal's focus on the COE's work both contributes to the body of scientific knowledge and extends S&T's ability to share its discoveries with stakeholders who can use them…I intend to share this Journal issue widely with our stakeholders."

Engineers explore these important maritime security topics at Stevens, where Dr. Bruno directs the Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Research (CSR). Together with the University of Hawaii, Stevens leads the DHS National Center of Excellence for Maritime, Island & Remote/Extreme Environment Security, which was established to conduct research and develop new ways to strengthen maritime domain awareness. CSR incorporates research collaboration and educational initiatives to identify and implement forward-thinking policies that protect maritime commerce, national and international security, maritime infrastructures, and coastal communities.

MTS Journal is a bimonthly publication of the Marine Technology Society, an organization dedicated "To promote awareness, understanding, advancement and application of marine technology." In response to the DHS letter, MTS Executive Director Rich Lawson says, "We are honored by Under Secretary O'Toole's commendation of our efforts to focus on the critical topic of maritime security."

Dr. Bruno was a co-guest editor of the May/June 2011 MTS Journal with Roy Wilkens of the University of Hawaii, National Center for Island, Maritime, and Extreme Environment Security (CIMES), a CSR partner institution; and Theophilos Gemelas, DHS Science and Technology Directorate.