Prof. Besser is interested in alternatives to traditional paradigms of energy production as a path to alleviating the current dependence on petroleum. He is currently pursuing micro- and nano-technology based solutions for improving efficiency of electrical power generation at various scales.

He has funded projects in reforming hydrocarbons for compact fuel cells, safely and efficiently producing oxygen for fuel cells in oxygen-deficient environments, and improving photovoltaic efficiency through nanomaterials for anti-reflection and photon downconversion. Other projects include nanoengineering 3D interfaces for improved fuel cell performance, increasing reactivity of the hydrogen-oxygen interaction and improving nanomanufacturing of thin-film solar modules. Prof. Besser is also one of the founding faculty of the Green Engineering minor offered to Stevens undergrads. He co-developed a course on Sustainable Energy and has taught it at Escuela Superior Polit├ęcnica del Littoral in Guayquil, Ecuador, and on the Stevens campus.

Besser has served by invitation on various technical committees, including the Technical Committee of the International Conference on Microreaction Technology (IMRET), as AIChE Process Development Division Chair of the Microprocessing Area, on the User Committee of the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility, and as a reviewer on various panels evaluating research proposals, book proposals, and journal articles. He has produced a number of invited conference presentations, invited lectures, invited book chapters, peer-reviewed publications, and US and international patents.