Professor Adeniyi Lawal brings a wealth of knowledge and research innovation to the fields of Distributed Production of Advanced Biofuels from Biomass Waste, and Microreactor Technology for Chemical Synthesis. His work has resulted in several distinctions and awards, including the Stevens Alexander Crombie Humphreys Award for Outstanding Teaching (2000).

With global implications including a reduced reliance on foreign oil, and efficient methods of green fuel production, the research of Dr. Lawal is critical. His work is enabling distributed production of biofuel from various forms of biomass waste, and comprises two key steps, beginning with the thermochemical conversion of biomass by fast pyrolysis to pyrolysis oil, (PO), followed by and upgrading of the PO to biofuel. Another benefit of this process involves the flexibility of converting biomass of different compositions derived from multiple sources to PO and syngas, and using this syngas to produce any transportation fuel: ethanol, gasoline, or diesel.

His research on microreactor technology development focuses on the demonstration of the enhanced heat and mass transfer performance provided by microreactor in comparison to conventional-size reactors. Mass transfer enhancement of two to three orders of magnitude have been obtained for multiphase reactions carried out in single channel microreactors at low processing flow rates.