Dr. Pochiraju’'s research analyses Multi-Scale Simulation of Performance and Durability of High Temperature Polymeric Composites and Structures, Real-Time Autonomous or Remotely Operated Robotic Systems, Product Design and Manufacturing Process Sciences.

He is the Director of the Design & Manufacturing Institute (DMI), the interdisciplinary center that integrates product design, materials processing, and manufacturing expertise with modern software and embedded systems technologies for defense and commercial applications.

The research conducted at DMI consists of; Knowledge-based Design and Design Process Automation, Engineered Materials and Processes, Computational Methods for Product Life & Failure Prediction, Emdedded Sensing and Control, Micro-Devices for Hazardous Environments, and Systems Integration. Dr. Pochiraju is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society for Composites, American Soceity for Engineering Education (ASEE), and the Institute of Electrical and Electroncis Engineers (IEEE).

He is responsible for patent development with Zhu, Z., Cui, H., Pochiraju, K. Flexible parallel manipulator for nano-, meso-or macro-positioning with multi-degrees of freedom WO06107664 (2006), and has received the Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor award, 1999.