Professor Chassapis studies the areas of Integrated Product and Process Development, knowledge based system development, automation, remote sensing and control and virtual and remote experimentation. He was recently awarded $3M in NSF funding for his work involving a research project in multiscale engineered systems that provides fellowships to ten Stevens doctoral students per year.

This project provides a unique opportunity to combine an expansion of University research efforts in the area of multiscale engineered systems with innovative approaches to prepare doctoral students for careers in teaching. The fellows’ research will address a variety of issues related to multiscale engineered systems, one of the major multidisciplinary research areas identified in Stevens’ Strategic Positioning Plan. An additional focus on engineering design, innovation and inventiveness will help differentiate this unique doctoral program from competing offerings at other institutions.

Dr. Chassapis is also an investigator working to establish the New Jersey Innovation Partnership Institute in Clean Energy Technology (IPI-CET) at Stevens. The main goal of the IPI-CET is to develop educational and training programs and curricula at various levels that are needed in response to rapidly increasing workforce challenges within the energy industry, providing expertise to Mechanical Engineering students specifically in the Nuclear Engineering field.

The focus of the Clean Energy Technology program develop and implement clean and renewable energy technologies, including nuclear, biofuel, hydrogen, solar, wind, wavepower, geothermal and motion harvesting.

Dr. Chassapis has received various honors and awards for his innovative research, including; recipient of “Best Paper” award for “Concurrent Engineering in Mold Design and Fabrication”, by SPE Mold Making and Mold Design Division, Society of Plastics Engineers, the Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Digital Equipment Corporation, which included a three year grant for research in concurrent engineering, and the Harvey N. Davis Distinguished Teaching Assistant Professor Award.