Dr. Subbalakshmi'’s research analyzes Multimedia Security - Information hiding, Stego-games and steganalysis; Wireless and Cognitive Radio Network Security - denial of service attacks and mitigation, cryptography and codes, light weight enhancements to security; Sensor Networks - Distributed source coding and distributed joint source-channel coding Wireless Multimedia Networking - Joint source-channel coding.

Dr. Subbalakshmi directs the Multimedia Systems, Networking and Communications Lab. Her research has resulted in a recently acquired NSF grant, for her project, "TC: Small: Denial-of-Service Attacks and Counter Measures in Dynamic Spectrum Access Network,” which studies denial-of-service (DoS) attacks that are unique to dynamic spectrum access (DSA) networks. Since research in DSA network protocols and architectures are still in the formative stages, the proposed security solutions will be incorporated into the design phase of the system rather than being added on as an afterthought.

She has also used the MsYNC lab to introduce InStream Media, of which she is the Co-founder and Vice President. InStream Media has the potential to disrupt the way advertising is delivered to consumers via digital media. It provides non-invasive, unobtrusive embedded advertising using advanced steganography. This is an interactive, consumer-initiated approach that also provides instant feedback to the advertiser.

Her work has resulted in multiple grants and funding awards, as well as a patent, Palak Amin and K.P. Subbalakshmi, "A Robust Image Watermark Extraction Algorithm for Scaling Attacks", U.S Patent, and being a recipient of the Stevens Technogenesis Award for Research and Technology Contributions, 2007, and Stevens President’s Research Recognition Award, 2003.