Nickitas Georgas is a Research Assistant Professor at The Center for Maritime Systems (CMS) at Stevens. Dr. Georgas’ main research area is estuarine and coastal ocean dynamics. His main focus is the development of numerical models to forecast the hydrodynamics and water quality of inland and coastal waters.

"The development of predictive numerical models in geosciences is the ultimate application of our understanding of the natural world, its processes and interactions with the biosphere. Models can help us realize both what we know (and can confidently forecast and perhaps even steer), and what we still do not comprehend well enough (and need to conduct basic research on)."

Dr. Georgas has participated in a variety of coastal engineering studies around the eastern seaboard of the United States, involving feasibility, impact evaluation, use-attainability, TMDL/WLA/LA, BMP, and dredging assessments, by designing and coupling hydrodynamic, sediment transport, and water quality models. At CMS, he is responsible for the continuous development and daily forecasts of the New York Harbor Observation and Prediction System that include the Stevens Storm Surge Warning System forecasts.