Dr. Duggan’'s research involves advancement of the tools, including semantics, which ensure software is "safe" and "secure." He has worked on module systems for programming-in-the-large, software adaptation for safe dynamic library updates, various extensions of object-oriented languages to enable reuse, type inference, and language-based security.

His work in security leverages techniques in programming languages and software checking to establish end-to-end security properties for applications. Dr. Duggan is also involved with the Secure Systems Lab, which pioneer new technologies for useable, secure systems with high assurance. This cutting edge collaborative research and education projects encompass areas including: Secure Personal Information Space; Network Security; Distributed System Security; Data Mining, Security & Privacy; Language Based Security; Cryptographic Protocols; High Assurance; Biometrics; Botnets and Malware; Forensics.

Dr. Duggan is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, and IEEE Computer Society, and has been awarded multiple grants and funding for the advancement of his research.