Professor Attygalle is a Mass Spectrometry Expert who emphasizes advancement in this field through his lab, the Center for Mass Spectrometry.

His work provides up-to-date teaching and frontier level research programs to students, as well as experience in one of the most well equipped academic lab facilities in the U.S. The Center for Mass Spectrometry is equipped with six mass analyzers incorporating time-of-flight and quadrupolar techniques, and a variety of inlets such as electrospray, MALDI, ApCI, EI and CI. It is open to collaborative research projects, adapts to function with a wide variety of compounds and provides accurate mass data.

Dr. Attygalle’s current research projects within the Center for Mass Spectrometry include Mass Spectrometric Fragmentation Mechanisms, Chemical Ecology of Arthropods, Biosynthesis, Natural Products, and Drugs from Bugs. In addition to his lab work, Professor Attygalle is also an expert in Bioanalytical Chemistry, Microchemical techniques, Chromatography, GC-Infrared Spectrometry, Natural Products, Chemical Communication and Defense in Arthropods, Chemical Ecology, and “Chemical Prospecting” by Pharmacological Screening of Tropical Rain Forest Natural Products.

His work has been published in several journals and publications, most recently in the journal “Naturwissenschaften,” for his discovery of the use of the natural repellent limonene as a major defensive chemical of the ground beetle.