Dr. Search'’s research consists of Theoretical quantum optics and laser spectroscopy, Matter-wave optics: Atom interferometry, nonlinear mixing of matter waves, quantum statistics and coherence properties of matter-wave fields, Mechanical effects of light on atoms including diffraction of atoms by light fields and trapping of atoms, Conversion of ultracold atoms into molecules via either Feshbach resonances or photoassociation, and Open quantum systems and system-reservoir interactions: Master equations and quantum Langevin equations.

He is a core member of the Center for Controlled Quantum Systems, which is a cross-disciplinary research center involving collaborations between multiple research groups focusing on one of the last challenges in research: controlling (and thereby employing for future application) the quantum system.

One of the main directions of the center is based on optical techniques to control quantum systems. The advent of ultrafast lasers and laser cooling techniques in recent years has finally opened up the possibility of controlling quantum dynamics, and the work in this center will contribute to and direct the development of new quantum mechanics-based technologies, such as quantum computers, new types of solid state and interferometric sensors, and light sources with customizable photon statistics and coherence properties.