Professor Kamberov’'s research advances knowledge in computer science, mathematics, and physics. He is currently focused on real-time computer vision and graphics, the development and deployment of real-time systems for scene analysis, surveillance and forensics, monitoring and control of large sensor networks, medical imaging, high energy physics, differential geometry, stochastic systems, and differential equations.

He is the Director of the Computer Vision Lab, and is currently working on a variety of research projects, including Vision and Visualization: sensor data; the mobile network, Real-Time Geographic Visualization for the Mobile Networked Multiple Input Multiple Output (MNM) Integrated Test Environment (MITE), Video Surveillance and Visualization Suite component of the Secure Infrastructure Technology Laboratory at Stevens (SINTEL), Video-acoustic-seismic sensor fusion in an urban environment, Video-based surveillance and forensics, Manifold learning and scene segmentation from unorganized 3D point clouds, Modeling and particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation of ELM-produced particle and energy pulses and their effect on the SOL in TOKAMAKs, and Solutions of the Dirac Equation on Higher Genus Surfaces.