Dr. Wetzel’'s research interests involve cryptography and algorithmic number theory. In the field of cryptography, her research is focused on wireless security, secret sharing, privacy, and biometrics, and her contributions range from analysis to protocol design. In algorithmic number theory, her research is centered on lattice theory, in particular on developing new algorithms and heuristics for lattice basis reduction.

Dr. Wetzel is also associated with the Algebraic Cryptography Center, which was formed to investigate new techniques from computational algebra and their applications to practical problems in cryptography and cryptanalysis. The center focuses their research on Cryptanalysis of public key cryptosystems based on algebraic problems, Theoretical development of generic complexity, and Application of generic complexity to the problem of testing the security of cryptosystems.

Dr. Wetzel has contributed to multiple conference proceedings, journals, and books, and holds 4 patents & inventions including; Jakobsson, M., Wetzel, S.: Method and Apparatus for Ensuring Security of Users of Bluetooth-enabled Devices. United States Patent 6,574,455 - June 3, 2003, Bohannon P.L., Jakobsson, M., Monrose, F., Reiter, M.K., Wetzel, S.: Generation of Repeatable Cryptographic Key Based on Varying Parameters. United States Patent 6,901,145 - May 31, 2005, Jakobsson, M., Wetzel, S.: Secure Distributed Computation in Cryptographic Applications. United States Patent 6,950,937 - September 27, 2005, Jakobsson, M., Wetzel, S.: Method and Apparatus for Ensuring Security of Users of Short Range Wireless Enable Devices. United States Patent 6,981,157 - December 27, 2005.