Dr. Yu's research interests are in quantum information science and quantum optics including: Entanglement and decoherence of quantum nanodevices such as quantum dots and superconducting qubits; Continuous quantum measurement and quantum feedback control; Entanglement and its applications in quantum metrology and precision detection technology.

Professor Yu is also working on quantum coherence dynamics of atomic, molecular and optical systems, theoretical modeling and simulation of complex quantum systems, non-Markovian quantum open systems and quantum trajectories, quantum phase transition, and quantum topological computation.

Dr. Yu is a member of the American Physical Society (APS) and the Optical Society of America (OSA).

Dr. Yu has made significant contribution to the research area of entanglement dynamics and decoherence. His research, which looks at new developments in dynamical behavior of quantum systems, was recently featured in an issue of Science magazine. His research work published in Physical Review Letters in 2004 was recognized by ISI Essential Science Indicators to be one of most cited papers in the field of physics. (See ScienceWatch)

Dr. Yu has also been the recipient of various funding and grants for his research, such as being the PI, for NSF grant (Funded since 2008), Theory of Quantum Dynamics of AMO Systems, and the PI for DARPA grant (Funded since 2009), Entanglement dynamics of qubit systems.