Dr. Sutin develops acoustical underwater monitoring for port and harbor security.

Dr. Alexander SutinDr. Alexander Sutin, Research Professor with the Center for Maritime Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology, has been elected a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). This recognition comes after a lifetime of research on underwater acoustics and powerful security applications that result from these acoustical techniques.

"The research that Professor Sutin undertakes is in great demand as the US government promotes rigorous security for the nation's commercial waterways," reports Dr. Michael Bruno, Dean of the Schaefer School and Engineering and Science. "Fellow status is a great honor and recognizes his important contributions to basic and applied research in the broad area of underwater acoustics."

As a research professor at the Center for Maritime Systems, Dr. Sutin advances understanding of acoustics in maritime applications and for non-destructive testing of structures. His application of acoustical measurements underwater led to the development of a system that can "fingerprint" ships through a port to track their movements without the use of overhead cameras.

Dr. Sutin has worked in many areas of acoustics. He conducted intensive research in time-reversal acoustics, which promises a wide array of applications, including in medicine for ultra-precise medical imaging, diagnostic techniques using ultrasound, incision-free surgical techniques, and land mine detection. He holds several patents in acoustic methods and devices used for non-destructive testing and the detecting of land mines and other buried objects.

In the field of maritime security, Dr. Sutin has applied time-reversal acoustics to develop a technique for passively detecting and deterring malicious divers. By isolating the sound of human breath and radiating an amplified signal of this noise back at potential intruders, this approach spares marine life from explosive charges or underwater sirens, and is also non-lethal to divers.

Dr. Sutin will receive the commendation in San Diego on November 2, at a meeting of the ASA.