Unfettering wireless communications

Stevens professor breaks down cell phone network barriers and evaluates effects of social networks

Innovative approaches to mathematics

Stevens faculty member recognized for impactful contributions to the mathematical sciences

Can cell phones make us healthier?

Researchers find innovative ways to use mobile technology to provide better health information and reduce cost.

Ocean robots detect and monitor oil plumes

Dr. Yi Guo wins NSF grant to deploy robot teams that monitor propagation of underwater oil leaks.

Engineering resilient ports

DHS National Center of Excellence is partnering with the Weirton Area Port Authority to enhance port performance.

Protecting coastal cities from floods

Stevens and Columbia partner with local officials in New York City and Boston to minimize the damage from severe weather and rising sea levels.

Securing Wireless Naval Communication

Researcher establishes innovative techniques for efficient and secure wireless communication for the US Navy

Mobile app security research

Dr. David Naumann takes steps to analyze mobile Apps and prevent malware access.

Dynamic wireless technologies

IEEE Communications Society lists four Stevens papers among “Best Reading Topics in Cognitive Radio”